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Do you want a quick and easy way of becoming a great storytelling? Then this short course is for you!

Short and sweet! In just over an hour you’ll be telling amazing stories!

I’m all about PRACTICAL. I even have a course here on Udemy about designing PRACTICAL training. And my goal with this course is to make it PRACTICAL! That means:

  • Everything fits into one simple framework: Relate, Challenge, Resolve
  • Tools and templates for you to take away and use
  • Lots of great examples and explanations of how storytelling works
  • Plenty of practice, with suggested answers, to help you build confidence

Based on my Story Habit™️ methodology and my book “The Story Habit – How Leaders Shape Stories That Drive Action”.

This is a practical introduction to the world of storytelling. It follows a very straight forward process of finding stories and refining stories, and provides you with simple and powerful tools for each step.

It’s a process I’ve been sharing with leadership teams from around the world to help them:

  • Build a story pool
  • Bring more meaning to everyday conversations
  • Shape narratives that drive results

You’ll learn the “Relate, Challenge, Resolve” framework for storytelling. A practical framework that allows you to tell stories, but also with much broader application for communicating, persuading and influencing.

You’ll also learn “The 3 Ingredients of Stories” to help refine and spice up your stories.

Perfectly suitable for the workplace where you need a story pool full of stories you can take out and use to explain complex ideas, change minds and inspire action at any moment.

My goal is to get you OFF this course and out practicing in the REAL WORLD as quickly as possible. Because it is only when you try things in the real world that the REAL learning begins.

I sincerely hope you find this to be a valuable resource. And please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or reflections you would love to share.

All the best,

Jamie Dixon