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The Story Habit – Ebook

The Story Habit is a practical approach to help leaders both tell stories and shape the stories people believe in. It breaks storytelling down into 3 key skills; Relating, Challenging and Resolving.

And you know the easiest way of mastering skills? By developing the right habits. The Story Habit will introduce you to 16 habits to help you bring more meaning to everyday conversations.


Introducing The Story Habit

What People are Saying:

“As somebody who’s been working for twenty years as a trainer on topics including influencing, persuading and storytelling, I already know a lot about this stuff, but Jamie brought a new perspective even for me, and I’ve come away with things I’ll add to my toolkit for weaving stories to bring people on a journey with me.”
” Jamie Dixon has done a wealth of research to prove this and he provides some very practical tools that will help any manager deal with challenges, change and relationship building. His Relate, Challenge, Resolve model is spot on.”

“I call it an influence playbook because that is how it read for me. The Story Habit is a lucid, practical roadmap for doing something the most successful people in any organization learn to do–influence others effectively.”


There are plenty of scenarios in our professional lives where we’d like to align someone else’s perspective with ours:

- New investors we’d need to push our business forward
- Potential clients to expand our business
- Great employees we’d like to retain
- Other leaders within our company
- Our own boss

Yet without the right set of skills, and no matter how brilliant we are, we will not be able to convince them. We are in an increasingly competitive world, where those that inspire and influence are the ones being listened to.

As a coach in leadership development for the past +10 years, Jamie Dixon has been working with leaders in over 160 multinationals. All of them incredibly accomplished people in their fields that had nothing to stop them except for one (though very relevant) challenge: Dealing with people. This led Jamie to develop a methodology to show a more hands-on, easy approach to dealing with people through great storytelling.

The Story Habit is a practical approach to help leaders both tell and shape stories. It breaks storytelling down into 3 key skills; Relating, Challenging and Resolving.

Every story Relates to the audience, before presenting a Challenge, and finally a Resolution. And it just so happens that we can shape the stories people believe in through exactly the same process; by first Relating to their story, then Challenging their story, and finally Resolving their barriers to action.

The easiest way to master a skill is to start with habits. The Story Habit breaks the skills of Relating, Challenging and Resolving down into key habits that leaders can apply from day one to start building these skills. The book contains 4 chapters of relevant content in order to build the skills:

- Examples to illustrate each of the skills.
- Break down of the habits needed to master each skill.
- Exercises to make a routine out of those habits.
- Summary of content in a few bullet points at the end of each chapter and in the

With The Story Habit, you’ll not only be able to tell great stories, you’ll be able to shape minds.

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