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The Story Habit – Full Online Course

Do you want to master the art and science of storytelling? The this course is for you!

Learn the in’s and out’s of the “Relate, Challenge, Resolve” framework for storytelling. Including dozens of tools, templates and reference materials. Clear explanations of the science and skills of storytelling, with work-related case studies.

You’ll also find a goal setting tool, a self-assessment and 360-assessment, and even a habit planner and checklist to help you change your behaviour.

Follow everything in this course and you will build story habits that help you truly master the art and science of storytelling!


What People Are Saying:

“On top of learning many new things I hadn’t considered before, now I also have a whole communication toolset I can refer to whenever I want to prepare for meetings, presentations or any other kind of human interaction. The quality of the handouts is fantastic. They are living documents that I can use as quick references throughout the week.”

Chris West, Quality Control Director for Footwear Company

“The course is filled with diverse examples and case studies that sticks with you.  As someone in the Training field myself, I could see my clients relating to these stories. And the best thing? The course provides you with real live examples of how the three key skills; Relating, Challenging and Resolving is executed in storytelling. Jamie Dixon does not only tell you how, but also shows you how to do it.”

Meenu Subba, Training Manager for International Hotel Chain

“This is an amazing course! The methodology of the course is excellent, as Jamie is very creative in the delivery. The reflective questions are very deep and thought-provoking. They force you to not just think about changing your mindset but the mindsets of your colleagues.”

Iolyn Gardner-Gordon, Curriculum Manager in Education Industry


Storytelling makes the difference between a leader and someone who’s just good at their job.

Your experience, vision and skills have helped you to where you are today. They enable you to see things others can’t.

But this creates a gap – a gap of understanding. Others can’t see what you see.

Within that gap, lies misunderstanding, a lack of interest, even conflict.

To be great leaders, we have to bridge that gap.

How Do We Bridge That Gap?

The answer, is storytelling.

When you think of "storytelling", you probably think of people telling stories, or novels, or movies. But did you know there’s more to storytelling than just telling stories?

Storytelling is ultimately about shaping the stories people believe in.

People have stories about you, about your ideas, about your business and so on.

And if you want to communicate with impact, influence people, and inspire them to action, then you need to shape the stories they believe in.

And in this online course, I'll introduce you to a framework that will help you both tell stories, and shape the stories people believe in. That framework is called "Relate, Challenge, Resolve".

Relate, Challenge, Resolve

Every story starts by introducing us to a character in a situation we can relate to. Then, that character meets a challenge. Finally, there is a resolution.

If you look at any story out there, you'll start to notice how it's built around this framework.

But this framework works in just the same way when it comes to shaping the stories people believe in.

When you want to communicate with impact, you need to relate to your audience. When you want to influence people, you need to challenge their way of thinking. And when you want to inspire people to action, you need to resolve their barriers to action.

This isn't just some framework I made up, it's a way of codifying the universal language of storytelling. And it turns out, it has a lot of applications, especially when it comes to communicating in business.

Why Story Habits?

Relating, Challenging and Resolving can also be used as individual skill sets.

Relating is the skill of communicating with impact. Challenging is the skill of influencing people's way of thinking. Resolving is the skill of inspiring people to action.

And the easiest way to master any skill is to start with habits.

Because habits are simple actions, requiring minimal conscious effort, that you can perform repeatedly throughout the day. And as you perform them repeatedly, you get better at them, and this in turn helps you get better at other things.

So in this online course, I'll introduce you to 16 different habits you can use to master the skill of the storytelling with the least amount of effort.

You Will Learn:

  • Why Storytelling is Important in Business
  • The Science of Storytelling
  • How to Use the Relate, Challenge, Resolve Framework
  • How to Tell Great Stories
  • How to Build Story Habits
  • How to Communicate with Impact
  • How to Influence People
  • How to Inspire action

You'll also get lifetime access to dozens of reference guides, tools, templates, case studies and over 6 hours of instructional videos!

But most importantly, you'll ultimately come out of this course with well refined story habits that bring more meaning to everyday conversations.

Still Not Sure?

You can take the first part of this course for FREE, so if you want to try before you buy then check out my "How to Tell Stories Online Course".